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Serenade was a new product added to the BASF portfolio following an acquisition of the manufacturer. As this product was 100% organic it was very different to the chemical based products that BASF normally promotes. The original advertising focused very much on being ‘organic’ and sold as an alternative to chemicals but largely ignored its real benefit to the grower. The fact that the product could be used in the traditional withholding period prior to harvest. There was this huge opportunity waiting to be promoted.

This advertising campaign had two objectives; Inform Serenade was new to the BASF Stable and advise it was safe to spray right up to harvest (a claim no other product could make).  The use of the visual of black boards in the vineyard did two things it allowed for instant positioning as a winegrowers product and it established a low key story board like trail of information thart reassured the grower all was OK.

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