Covisory Partners is a high end consulting firm that specialises in taxation, business and wealth management.

Covisory has two distinct areas of business. It operates as consultants on taxation and mergers to accountancy, banking, and legal institutions. It also operates directly with private clientele such as high net worth individuals and large family owned businesses.

Designmanagers was a part of an initial team that was tasked with rebranding and repositioning the existing taxation company in order to appeal more to the very small and exclusive group of clientele often referred to as high net worth individuals.

As part of this initial team we put forward the final name ‘Covisory Partners’ as a conjoint of ‘collaboration and advisory’ and followed up with the branding elements required.

Designmanagers has assisted with marketing – collateral – web, and external communications such as white papers and customer newsletters.

  • Branding
  • Website Design
  • Advertising & Marketing
  • External Communications
  • Stationery
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