DesignManagers rebranded Onsite Rental Group in 2007 after it was acquired by the Australian Private Equity firm Next Capital.

Since that time Onsite has undergone extensive growth with DesignManagers overseeing or creating all the required communications such as brochure work, marketing material, internal comms, external presentations and most recently electronic initiatives such as  phone app, interactive ipad documents, and ‘smart’ electronic Dashboard presentations of operational facts and figures.  We have also been extensively involved with branding of thousands of rental assets and more than 30 branches.
The turnover of the company in 2013 is now approximately four times that of 2007.

A key part of this exercise has been the creation of a point of difference for Onsite and the implementation of the positioning and brand story of Onsite as an expert asset manager with independent expertise and knowledge that will ultimately save its customers money. The tagline ‘Our Knowledge Your Choice’ was a significant step toward that goal, and serves as a visual reminder of the over-riding positioning.

DesignManagers continues to work with the marketing team based in Brisbane to implement this positioning.

Other firsts include the developent and launch of a new service. ‘FirstOn’ is a package that has been hugely successful since launch, it is essentially a collection of individual rental products, packaged together as a pre-build service. This integrated delivery, and set up of a worksite ready for workers, including barrier fencing, portable buildings, power, road and footpath protection etc is an elegant solution to a complex problem (how to manage multiple contractors onto one site at one time on budget).  Onsite will have the site safe and ready for operations from day one. The marketing material and naming required for this was created by DesignManagers


  • Equipment Liveries
  • Branding Application
  • Print Communications
  • Pricing Proposals
  • Interactive Marketing
  • Operational Tools
  • Promotional Marketing
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